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This site serves as a concentrated place for Chinese Political Propaganda art. We have much broader selection on other types of antique and vintage art, to be found on our other site, www.1930Shanghai.com. If you don't feel comfortable conducting credit card transaction via this site, please do feel free to locate the same item on the 1930Shanghai.com site using the search function and purchase it through its secure online order form.


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Our new location is between Ashby and University Ave, it is closer to University Ave than Ashby Ave, and it is 3 doors down to the Berkeley landmark store Omega Too. We reopened our gallery / showroom in this new location on March 1, 2005. In addition to a 1000 sq feet indoor showroom / gallery space, we now added approx. 2000 sq feet of outdoor garden space full of grown fruit trees and exotic subtropical plants. Join us for summer garden tea sampling, Buddha statue exhibition and much more. We also just learned that our buddha statue garden will be featured in the Sunset Magazine. Come and see us!

Here a few online sources we like to acknowledge:

Stefan Landsberger's extensive site on the subject matter: http://www.iisg.nl/~landsberger/

Artlino, the online auction site: http://www.artelino.com/articles/chinese-propaganda-posters.asp

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