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Cultural Revolution Color Ceramics - Red Guard & Intellectual

This gruesome large Chinese Color ceramic sculpture depicts one Red Guard holding down an alleged Counter Revolutionary Leading Scholar. A unpleasant reminder of the Cultural Revolution, or otherwise known as the 10 Year Chaos, this sculpture described the common scene that took place during the Cultural Revolution where many scholars and experts were denounced Counter Revolutionary and were released of their posts, many could not stand the humiliation and later committed suicide. The Red Guard, as depicted in this color ceramic sculpture, is seen wearing a Cultural Revolution Liberation Army hat, a Red Guard armband, the Summer Cultural Revolution Red Guard uniform, and holding a gun on one hand, while on another hand, the Cultural Revolution Red Book. His one leg is resting on the shoulder of the Scholar. The Scholar is wearing a dunce cap that says the following: “Down with the Stinky Intellectual” and a white board that says “Counter Revolutionary Leader Scholar. Size: 12" tall, 6" long, 4" wide. Net Weight: 5 pounds

Price: $89 + Shipping

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