How is a game of Video Poker played?

When you arrive on a video poker machine, you must first put credit on it , that is to say a sum of money, the one you want to have available at all times to make your bets.

Then, you will have to choose the variant of your online casino in Singapore game (sometimes there is only one offered, sometimes several, everything will depend on your online casino). And finally, you will have to choose the amount of your bets . It is the amount that you bet on each hand, and that therefore you are potentially able to lose or grow.

The game then begins when you click or press the “ DEAL ” button (or “Distribuer” in French), your 5 cards will then be dealt to you. Your choice will then be asked, the game is on! Good luck !

As said just above, a double or double mini game will be offered to you at the end of the game if you are a winner.

Video poker games and their free bonuses

On online casinos, few bonuses are 100% dedicated to Video Poker games in

However, the welcome bonus offers are fully compatible with video poker . It very often happens that free bonuses are awarded to loyal players in order to reward them.

In this case, the casino offers them the possibility of playing free (free play) video poker games (eligibility conditions to be read on the site when this happens).

Play directly from your mobile

Video poker being very simple and above all super fast , it lends itself particularly well to mobile use and unlike traditional online poker which requires you to be focused and present for several hours in front of your mobile (especially for online poker tournaments) , video poker can be played more lightly and without special attention, each move being able to be spaced by long minutes).

All online casinos now have a mobile version , so smartphone video poker is very easily accessible on all our phones without downloading, since the casinos integrate the games directly on their site in a mobile version and therefore playable from your browser such as Mozilla, Chrome etc …

Security and transparency on video poker games

Just like slot machines, video poker machines are regulated and the rate of return to players is very widely known and communicated according to variances. So you can play in peace thanks to this transparency and reinforced security on the vast majority of online casinos.

Here are the TRJs (player payout rates) for the main Video Poker variants:

  • Jack or better : 99.5%
  • Deuces Wild : 100.76%
  • Double Bonus : 100.17%
  • Deuces and Wild : 99.06%

Please note, these rates take into account the huge bonuses possible on each variant, hence a TRJ> 100% in some cases.