Chinese Classical Zitan Furniture Collection


The origin of this pair of Qing period Zitan flower stands

This pair of Qing style zitan planter stands are constructed from the very highest quality of zitan, of a standard that is currently unavailable in raw form. A couple of years ago this pair of zitan planter stands, owned by an individual in a northern province, came to my father's attention. The family had owned it for three generations, and it was covered with dust and one leg was broken. The stands turned out to be not only zitan, but also a subspecies of zitan that is now extinct. Called "xiao-ye-tan" in Chinese, it was known to grow only in India, and considered the most precious kind of zitan among Chinese classical furniture experts. This pair of identical planter stands has been restored. As this pair of zitan planters stands were on loan at a local museum in China for quite some time, we did not have the chance to take many photos of them. The photos only show one, however, they are identical.

Size 49.5 cm long, 38 cm wide, 87.5 cm tall. Weigh: 18 Kg each

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