This section of the site consists of Cultural Revolution themed porcelain and ceramic ware ranging from ashtrays to flower vases. White porcelain Mao statues, as well as official kilt made fine porcelain well will be added shortly. Finally, wall plaques made of ceramics featuring Mao throughout various stages of his political life will also be included under this category.

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This large white porcelain Mao statue is measured 6.5" W x 6.5" W x 23" H. A vivid depiction of Mao in party uniform, a PLA hat and clapping his hands. A very prominent large figurine that probably resided in the office of a company's Revolutionary Committee, and not a private residence. Some grease exists, but most of them can be wiped clean with commercial grease remover. Base says "Serve the People". Due to its size and fragile nature, we can only ship this item for details
This large porcelain Mao statue is measured 8" W x 8" D x 26" H. It shows a famous pose of Mao in the earlier days, wearing a PLA / red army coat, his hands folded back, holding a PLA hat, and the base says "Serve the People". As evidenced by the photos, there is a minor small crack on the left side of the lower base, no repair is needed nor done to the statue. This tall white porcelain statue is unusual find, given the size. This piece was supplied by one of our Cultura for details
Ceramic Vase of Mao and Lin Biao. Also on the vase are images of the three proletarian class of citizens (PLA soldier, worker and farmer.) Slogan says "Revolution promotes production, work and preparation for war". 10" x 10" (diameter measured from the middle) x 13.5" H.
Large Ceramic Mao display plate. With Lin Biao's word - sail the great sea relies on the helmsman; revolution relies on Mao's theory. 12" diameter.
Small ceramic display plate of Mao Ze Dong in red army hat, with Mao's quotation. 9" diameter.
Ceramic display mao plate with young Mao image, Mao's quotation and Lin Biao's words on the 4 greatness of Mao Ze Dong. 9" diameter.
Small Mao plate - Mao and Lin at Tiananmen, with Mao's quotation and Lin Biao's words on the 4 Greatness of Mao - Great Teacher, Great Leader, Great General and Great Helmsman. 9" diameter.
Cultural Revolution Porcelain Dinner Plate featuring an aging Mao. Size: 11.7" Diameter by 2.5" Deep.
Cultural Revolution Porcelain Dinner Plate featuring a Mao in the Red Army outfit. Size: 11.7" Diameter by 2.5" Deep.
Cultural Revolution Porcelain Plate featuring Mao interviewing the Cultural Revolution Red guard Army. Size: 8.5" Diameter by 1" Deep.
Cultural Revolution Porcelain Plate featuring young Mao. Size: 7.75" Diameter by 1" Deep.
Cultural Revolution Porcelain Plate featuring Sun Zhong Shan and his wife Song Qing Ling. Size: 7.75" Diameter by 1" Deep.
Cultural Revolution Porcelain Plate with Mao and Lin Biao. with Lin Biao's words - "The four greatness of Mao". Size: 7.75" Diameter by 1" Deep.
Cultural Revolution Porcelain Plate with picture of Young Mao and Mao's excerpts. Size: 7.75" Diameter by 1" deep
Cultural Revolution Plate with Young Mao. Size: 7.75" in diameter and 1" in depth.


Cultural Revolution Cylinder Vase

This Cultural Revolution vase in cylinder shape features Mao and Lin Biao's picture and Mao's poem. Size: 9" T by 3.6" Diameter.


Cultural Revolution Ceramic Penholder

This Cultural Revolution pen holder features Mao and Lin Biao interviewing the Great Cultural Revolution Army. Size: 5" T by 3.2" Diameter.


Extra Large Mao's plaque

This extra large Cultural Revolution Plaque features Mao's head shot. On the two sides of the photo are poems written by Mao. Below the photo are Mao's excerpts from the red books. The back side of this plaque features pictures of farmers titled "Agriculture should learn from Da Zai". Da Zai was nominated as the sample community village and studied by all of the villages around the China. The base of the plaque also has Mao's poem imprints. Size: 7.3" W by 2.2" D b for details


Cultural Revolution Mao and Lin Plaque

This Cultural Revolution statue depicts a red army soldier holding a rifle. A familiar image seen in the Cultural Revolution themed movies and Peking Operas. Size: 3" Diameter and 11.5" Tall.


Large Cultural Revolution Mao Plaque

This large Cultural Revolution Mao's plaque features Mao in Red Army uniform and hat. On the lower side of the plaque it has Mao's Words imprints. On the back side of the plaque it features the famous first Big Letter Post except, titled "Bomb the Commender Office". Size: 6.3" W by 8.6" T by 2.3" D.


White Porcelain Waving Mao Statue

This white porcelain statue features Mao in his famous waving pose. The base has the engraving of "Long Live Chairman" sign. Size: 12" T by 3.4" W by 3.3" D.

Cultural Revolution Porcelain Box

Cultural Revolution Porcelain Box. Double serves as an ashtray. Size: 5" diameter, 2" tall.

Cultural Revolution Round Porcelain Box

Cultural Revolution porcelain box. Size: 4.3" diameter by 1.3" tall.

Cultural Revolution Ceramic Incense burner

This Cultural Revolution ceramics makes a perfect gift as well as a nice decorative memorabilia item for the house. Chinese has been using incense burner for many generations. However it was during Cultural Revolution, all religions other than communism were deemed illegal. As such, incense burning which was part of Buddhists or Taoists practice became a welcomed activity. Some clever artisans had decided to create Cultural Revolution Memorabilia items such as a ceramic incense burner to ease for details


Cultural Revolution Mao's Vase

This large Cultural Revolution vase weights 9 pounds, and is measured 12" tall, 5" wide, and 3" tall. This complex designed vase features several representative pictures of a happy faced "sent down" girl, a People's Liberation Army soldier carrying two buckets of water for an elder lady, Mao and Lin Biao, and the image of a farmer with the sign of "Agriculture should study Da Zai". This vase reflects an era in China where the country evoked the movement of studying Da Zai, a sample village where for details


Cultural Revolution Ceramics Mao's Vase

This large triangle shaped Cultural Revolution vase features the picture of Mao and Lin Biao, as well as the united farmers, liberation army and the factory workers, in red and black. On the second side is a picture of female farmer and the sign of "Agriculture needs to learn from Da Zai" and Mao's excerpt. Finally, on the third side is a poem written by Mao and picture of the communist flag. Size: 11.5" tall, 4" wide 5" deep. Weight: 5 pounds. This vase has interesting and complex design and i for details


Cultural Revolution Ceramics Mao's Plate 2

This large Mao's plate measures 8.5" tall by 5.5" wide by 1.7" deep. Weight: 3 pounds. Worth noting is the bottom of the plate is a familiar image of the People's Congress and the sign that says "Celebration of the 24th anniversary of People's Republic of China and "Long Live Chairman Mao".


Cultural Revolution Tea Pot - Large

This rare large Cultural Revolution porcelain tea pot has the Mao's poem and his calligraphy imprints and features Mao and Lin Biao interviewing the Cultural revolution Army in TianAnMen square. The tea pot weights approximately 5 pounds. Size: 10" tall by 7" diameter.


Mao's Flower Vase

Cultural Revolution vase: Size: 9" (height) by 4.5" diameter.

Mao's Flower Vase - Star shaped

Size: 15" (height) by 7" (diameter).

There are two small variations to this unusually shaped vase. As noted on the below photos, the Mao's Quotation printed on the neck of the vases are different.


Mao and Lin Biao - Porcelain Ash Tray

Size: Height 1.5", Diameter 5.5



Size: 11.2" (height) by 6.2" (diameter - Long) by 4" (diameter - narrow)
Cultural Revolution Mao full length statue in Porcelain
Cultural Revolution Mao statue in Porcelain
On the front of this porcelain penholder it was the image Mao and Lin Biao together reviewing the Cultural Revolution Army. On the back was Mao's words of "Revolution improves productivity", a famous slogan in the late 1960's. Interesting imprints are found on the bottom of this porcelain penholder, it stated the following: "In memory of Manufacturing Company's Revolution Committee, October 1967". The Revolution Committee was written in shortcuts to save the space. This was like a souvenir item to celebrate the establishment of the revolution committee for a manufacturing company. Size: height 5.12", diameter 2".
This round candy jar is a souvenir item made by the Jian-Xi Province Revolutionary Committee, a division of Jian-xi army district, in 1968. The Revolutionary Committee was the equivalent of the provincial government during the Cultural Revolution. This candy jar was produced to celebrate the formation of Jian-Xi Province's Revolutionary Committee and distributed only to the members of the Revolutionary Committee. A rare item of the period, this round candy jar cover has imprints of many famous slogans for the period. In addition, each of the four faces on this candy jar has a different design. We are delighted to find that this candy jar is in mint condition, almost as good as . Size: height 4.91", diameter 5.12", base diameter 3.15", inner diameter 4.33".

Cultural Revolution round porcelain jewelry box


The top of this small porcelain jewelry box depicts Mao and Lin Biao reviewing the Cultural Revolution army at Tiananmen square. Just below the image the sentence reads "Chairman Mao and his dear war comrade Lin Biao reviewing the great army of the Cultural Revolution". The other side of the cover is imprinted with the familiar slogan to all Chinese who lived through Cultural Revolution: "Manufacturing industry needs to study Da-Ching, Agricultural industry needs to study Da-Zhai. Everyone in the country needs to learn from the People's Liberation Army." In smaller print, it says "excerpt from the Eighth Chinese Communist Party meeting, the 11th session".
This extremely rare porcelain display plate depicted Mao and Lin Biao together. In red, the writing stated "Mao and his close war comrade Lin Biao reviewing the giant Culture Revolution army"; the second line in red reads "Year 1968". On the back of this plate were Mao's words written from right to left, up to down. Like the bible, it was most likely seen in the red books. The words were originally said by Mao in 1961. At the bottom of the sentence, it was the common phrase of "Long Live Chairman Mao". Size 5.55"(L) by 4.52"(W) by 1.49"(Thickness)

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