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Grand America Cigarette Advertising Poster


Grand America Cigarette Company advertising poster prominently displays six different brands of cigarettes on two sides of this poster. Mixing Chinese sounding brands and American sounds brands, there were the "Washington" brand, "Red Lion" brand, "Freedom" brand, "Old Coin" brand, "Red Room" brand and "Three Eight" Brand. On the lower side of the poster were the distribution company's address in ShangDong province and the telephone number. A poem was written for the scene the poster was trying to portray. It states the following: "sitting in a quiet court yard, the night is young, and chilly, a lady in waiting, feeling the sense of loneliness, her thoughts were buried deep in the fog, wearing heavy make up, waiting for the arrival of her lover." An interesting poster that mixes art with advertisement.


Size: 31.5" long by 20.5" wide.