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Shanghai Movie Star "HuDie" ButterFly Hu poster

This black and white movie advertisement poster features the most famous movie star of the time in Shanghai 1930. Her name is Butterfly Wu ("Hu Die" in putonghua romanization), and she was a true screen phenomenon. Born in Shanghai to a Cantonese family in 1908 (some sources say 1906), and raised in northern China, Butterfly was fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, which proved a career boon when the Chinese motion pictures learned to talk.When Butterfly made her debut in 1924, though, the cinema was still silent. She quickly became a star, and in 1928 signed a contract with Star. She starred in the first Chinese talking picture and went on to a career that embraced Cantonese and Mandarin movies in pre- and post-World War II Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Size: 31.5" long by 20.5" wide.