Chinese Classical Zitan Furniture Collection


Objects of Interest

Varies objects, primarily zitan work of art or scholar's objects, as well one additional piece of classical Chinese furniture made with huanghuali are included in this section. Over the years, father has accumulated quite a few zitan objects, most from the 16th to early 20th century, with a couple pieces of more contemporary productions. We recently started to work a couple of online antique stores to electronically consign these pieces. Just this month, a piece of antique zitan scholar's brush pot from the late Ming period was sold for $3,500.

Zitan brush pot - irregular shaped, age unknown Zitan smooth brush pot - late 18th century, xiao-yie-tan zitan
Zitan LuoHan - circa 19th century Zitan brush pot - high relief - circa 14-16th century
Zitan brush pot with high relief carving - circa 19th century Zitan statue - Shakyamuni God - 20th century
The "Robinhood" Monk - circa 1920 in Zitan The Old Man with a kid - modern statue in Zitan
Zitan arm chairs with a side table - early 1990's production "Jia-ji An" table with aged huanghuali wood - early 1990's production

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