Chinese Classical Zitan Furniture Collection

Cylindrical zitan brush pot
"A cylindrical zitan brush pot early to mid Qing Dynasty. This rare xiao-yie-tan brush pot is carved with three different picture motifs, symbolizing "love, good fortune and longevity". Carved from one single large piece of xiao-yie-tan zitan, this brush pot's zitan wood is of very fine quality. A Qing period pot - extremely rare example of xiao yie tan, an exotic subspecies of zitan wood that only grew in India. The coloration of this brush pot and the carvings and decorative motifs strongly suggest that it was from the QianLong reign, from 1736 to 1795. The workmanship is of a superb standard, with intricate carvings on three sides. One side is carved with two yuanyang birds swimming in a lake. Yuanyang birds symbolize everlasting love. The second side is carved with a bird, the shi-ch'ue, standing on a branch. Shi in Chinese means happiness and good fortune, ch'ue means bird. Shi-ch'ue symbolizes good fortune and good news. The third side is carved with a crane standing by a pine tree, a common symbol for long and healthy life. The brush pot is 6.7 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches high, and weighs approximately six pounds. Its diameter is considerably wider than most brush pots made from xiao-yie-tan. Based on its finished diameter, it was made from a piece of zitan approximately 8.5 inches in diameter. Xian-yie-tan grows extremely slowly, and would reach this size only after approximately 400-500 years. " - This item is currently on consignment sale with Ichiban Antiques.
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