Chinese Classical Zitan Furniture Collection

Zitan statue - Shakyamuni God - 20th century

This extraordinarily carved Shakyamuni statue is made from premium quality zitan. Shakyamuni Buddha is the historical personage called the Buddha, or Enlightened One. To carve something this familiar requires special talent from a craftsman only good at interpreting messages and pictures of Shakyamuni but also good at working with the zitan. We believe there is only one other Shakyamuni of this quality in existence today, made for a famous Peking Opera artist - a Buddhist and a master in martial arts. The craftsman who produced this Shakyamuni statue has won numerous awards in South East Asia, and is known widely known among Zitan experts.The waiting period for his work is typically one to two years. A piece like this Shakyamuni statue typically takes him 2 to 3 months to complete. This piece is extremely complex and required an extraordinary amount of intricate work. The entire statue is carved with numerous low reliefs; the pearl strands worn by Shakyamuni are not only around the neck, but also the wrists, hands, arms, legs and ankles. The crown worn by Skakyamuni has carvings of jewels, each jewel symmetrically positioned. The stand the statue sits on is also fully decorated with pearl carvings. The statue is of very high artistic value and exudes enlightenment and peace. The magnificence of Chinese woodwork carvings is fully manifest through the superb workmanship and the most precious hardwood zitan. Base Diameter: 7.87"; Height: 12.60"; Weight: 6 pounds. Currently on consignment sale with Ichiban Antiques.

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