Chinese Classical Zitan Furniture Collection

The "Robinhood" Monk - circa 1920 in Zitan

Judging by the smile of this round-bellied monk, known as the "Bu-Dai-He-Shang", translates into "Monk with Cloth Bag", he has traveled far to bring good news. "Monk with Cloth Bag" was known as the Chinese Robin hood in Chinese folk tales, traveling around the world with gold pieces in his cloth bag and bringing the gold to poor people. As evident in this zitan carving made of superb quality of zitan wood and exquisite craftsmanship, this monk carries gold on one hand and "ru-yi" motif stick on the other, with the cloth bag hanging from the "ru-yi" stick and against his back. A sign of superb craftsmanship is the attention paid to detail. In this carving the "ru-yi" motif stick was carefully carved with a circle in the upper side of the stick that symbols longevity. Another detail is the wrinkles around the eyes of the monk. The use of the zitan grain in the center of the stomach showcases the unique circular reddish grain pattern amongst the dark purple zitan wood, a sign of that a master carver worked on this piece. The depiction is incisive and full of animation. A thin cover of wax has been applied to preserve the piece from wear and tear. The piece is excellent for promoting good Feng Shui in household, it exuding happiness and fortune and is a must-have for the living room. Base diameter: 4.13"; Height: 7.17"; Weight: 2 pounds. Age: circa 1920.

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